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Trade Deals

Date Type Price Trade Deals Total

Active Markets

Market Coin Last Price Bid Ask 24Hr Volume
LTC/BTC LITECOIN 0.90000000 1.00000000 0.90000000 5.00000000
Market Coin Name Last Price Bid Ask 24Hr Volume
BDCC/BTC BDCC 0.00007560 0.00007560 0.00007620 16025516.03665263
BDCC/ETH BDCC 0.00066300 0.00066300 0.00066500 16025516.03665263
BDCC/USD BDCC 0.80000000 0.80000000 0.70200000 16025516.03665263
BDCC/DTC BDCC 0.69900000 0.69900000 0.71700000 16025516.03665263
BDRX/BDCC BDRX 100.00000000 100.00000000 100.00000000 141151.24632345
ETH/USD ETHEREUM 1041.00000000 1041.00000000 1053.00000000 0.42881842

Latest News

  • 9th April 2019

    BDRU Activity

    Super Explosive Announcement!!!


    It is a STRONG Bull Market Trend now.
    A series of Bigg Data Corporation's new plans will be Officially launched soon and are available in the markets now. It will be launched at the opening price of 100 USD.
    In order to let more people to participate in this bull market plan so as to understand the future value and charisma of BDRU, we will initiative a soft launching this forthcoming 15th April 2019 internally with this excitement program base on First Come First Serve basis.
    The Activity rules and regulations are the following:-
          BDRC Initial Price of 100 USD per Unit for rushing to Buy
       With Limited Edition packages of 400 LOTS (10,000 unit BDRU)
    Packages are limited and do not miss the golden opportunities.
    15 Apr    Release 20 Lots
    1 May     Release 30 Lots
    16 May   Release 60 Lots
    1 Jun      Release 90 Lots
    16 Jun    Release 100 Lots
    1 July     Release 100 Lots
    Every Lot of BDRU purchase, he/she will gift with 1 share of the Company Share Certificate but subject to the package of BD1 only.
    After 1st July 2019, its will be officially launched in the markets.
    During the promotion period, which commencing from 1st june 2019, all packages will facilitate with “ 7-Day Grantee Traded Program”.
    Activity Analyse:
    1、Register Account。
    2、【Value Keep Up】(Gain)
    The price of BDRU will rise only unilaterally. On 15th April , 2019,  its will kick start with an opening price of 100 US dollars per unit and it can be subscribed on the event day. Furthermore, it will appreciate periodically.
    3、【Limited Units To Be Issued Everyday】Rush To Buy
    The daily volume of BDRU to be issued in the market will only limited to 500 units.
    Every account can only allow to subscribe 100 units of BDRU per day.
    4, [ Time Schedule]
    The Soft Launch Promotion Program will begin from 15th  April 2019 until 15th July 2019 within the business working hours from every Monday to Friday only.
    5、【Unlimited Trading】   
    There is no limitation for free trading at any price of BDRU.
    6、【Subscription Method】
          Buy From the Agent
         【The Advantages】
    a)  Low threshold which starting from the package of USD 2500 and above during the promotion period.
    b)  To sell at any price and immediately get profits.
    c)  The price will rise unilaterally. Furthermore, it will appreciate periodically.
    d)  On 1st June 2019, able to gain the Profit Instantly via an Internal Trading.
    e)  During the promotion period which commencing from 1st June 2019, all packages will facilitate with “ 7-Day Grantee Traded Program” in order to gain a confident to the
     Hurry Up! Do Not Miss It!

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  • 3rd April 2019

    Instant Sell Update 3 Apr 2019

    Dear User,
    We would like to inform that Instant Sell Counter in bdccxc.com will be renamed to Pre-Selling Counter with immediate effect.
    Thank you.
    The Management Team

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  • 3rd April 2019

    BDRU Limited Edition

    BDRU Limited Edition

    Please click the upper right red pdf button to read more.

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