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Trade Deals

Date Type Price Trade Deals Total

Active Markets

Market Coin Last Price Bid Ask 24Hr Volume
LTC/BTC LITECOIN 0.90000000 1.00000000 0.90000000 5.00000000
Market Coin Name Last Price Bid Ask 24Hr Volume
BDCC/BTC BDCC 0.00007560 0.00007560 0.00007620 30230108.16667103
BDCC/ETH BDCC 0.00066300 0.00066300 0.00066500 30230108.16667103
BDCC/USD BDCC 0.80000000 0.80000000 0.70200000 30230108.16667103
BDCC/DTC BDCC 0.69900000 0.69900000 0.71700000 30230108.16667103
BDRX/BDCC BDRX 100.00000000 100.00000000 100.00000000 216690.06448345
ETH/USD ETHEREUM 1041.00000000 1041.00000000 1053.00000000 0.42881842

Latest News

  • 23rd July 2019

    BDCC/BDRX: UPDATE 23-7-2019

    BDCC/BDRX: UPDATE 23-7-2019
    Effective 15-7-2019, all BDCC was release to www.bdccxc.com and there will be no further release of BDCC. (Check news 8-7-2019:  Update for www.bdcc.tech)
    BDCC/BDRX exchange rate will update to 300 BDCC to 1 BDRX on 31-7-2019 and the next transfer of BDRX to www.bdrc.club is set on 2-8-2019. (Check news 8-7-2019: BDCC/BDRX exchange rate - Update)
    www.bdrc.club MTP Release: 5% BDRC will be initial on 1st August 2019 and transmit to www.bdccxc.com every 5th of the Month. (Check news 26-6-2019: MTP Release BDRC)

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  • 22nd July 2019

    Update for www.bdcc.tech (Reminder)

    Update for www.bdcc.tech

    Current www.bdcc.tech website will be set for update maintenance and all members login https://member.bdccc.co/Member/Login.aspx BALANCE Points in All wallet will be dissolved and the URL will be disabled three months after the BDCC Full release at once.

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  • 21st July 2019

    BDCC Full Release

    BDCC Full Release
    For any bdcc balance shortage found in bdccxc, please provide details to company then system will top up manually after verification.

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