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Trade Deals

Date Type Price Trade Deals Total

Active Markets

Market Coin Last Price Bid Ask 24Hr Volume
LTC/BTC LITECOIN 0.90000000 1.00000000 0.90000000 5.00000000
Market Coin Name Last Price Bid Ask 24Hr Volume
BDCC/BTC BDCC 0.00007560 0.00007560 0.00007620 1192854.02764850
BDCC/ETH BDCC 0.00066300 0.00066300 0.00066500 1192854.02764850
BDCC/USD BDCC 0.80000000 0.80000000 0.70200000 1192854.02764850
BDCC/DTC BDCC 0.69900000 0.69900000 0.71700000 1192854.02764850
ETH/USD ETHEREUM 1041.00000000 1041.00000000 1053.00000000 0.32590642

Latest News

  • 16th July 2018

    Buy and Sell Price Update

    Trading Platform Buy and Sell Update
    Please be inform that the minimum buy and sell price will be adjusted to 0.8 on 16 July 2018 onwards. System will auto return all queue orders that below 0.8.
    From Management 

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  • 17th June 2018

    Maintenance Notice (Updated)

    17 June 2018
    Trading Platform Maintenance
    Dear User,
    Please be informed that the trading platform will begin maintenance for system upgrade effective on 17 June 2018, 4.00 pm to 18 June 4.00 pm. All buy and sell orders will be return to each account respectively. Please place your buy and sell orders again after maintenance done.
    To balance the Buy/Sell Volume of High/Low Packages, the System need to facilitate a Minimum and Maximum Buy/Sell Placement Order and the minimum price for buy and sell will also be reset to 0.75 cents.
    Thank you.
    The management

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  • 14th June 2018

    Trading platform update 15/6/18 (updated V2.0)

    Trading platform update 15/6/18:
    Placement to Sell BDCC at BDCCXC.com Platform effective 15~6~2018.
    (1) Balance BDCC in Platform below 2000, can Sell up to 200 Maximum.
    (2) Balance BDCC in Platform between 2001 to 20000, 10 % Rule applies meaning Maximum Sell placement is 10% of balance.
    (3) Balance BDCC in Platform above 20001, Maximum Sell placement is 2000 Only.
    (4) After successful selling, the account can placement to sell again according to the requirements.
    Example 1:
    Mr.A having total 1,900 BDCC in wallet balance so he can sell up to 200 unit BDCC.
    Example 2:
    Mr.B having total 2,000 BDCC in wallet balance so he can sell up to 200 unit BDCC.
    Example 3:
    Mr.C having total 2,100 BDCC in wallet balance so he can sell up to 210 unit BDCC.
    Example 4:
    Mr.D having total 21,000 BDCC in wallet balance so he can sell up to 2,000 unit BDCC.

    2) The fix price will be raise to 0.75 from 0.7.
    *Remark: System will return all current buy and sell order to implement the update.
    The Management 

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